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Whether you are an existing iCan client or you are wondering who we are, the most important thing to remember about us is that WE EXIST FOR YOU! Our mission is to bring accessible and affordable insurance to all Americans. See, our company founders believed that the nation needed better access to not only health care, but to financial assistance and lifestyle improvement benefits as well. Staying focused on our mission for over a decade, we have helped many people just like you get insurance coverage at prices they can afford.

Of course, we love to offer the convenience of being able to work with one of our agents over the phone because it allows for people to discuss their options, get coverage, and reach out to us at their leisure without having to leave the comfort of their home or office. While this is a valuable feature for many, we also want to have the option for you to come and sit down and personally meet with one of our agents too.

From a business aspect, we set out to accomplish this goal, keeping in mind that we wanted to open client service centers that were conveniently located, provided a lower cost overhead to be able to continue to pass the savings along to our clients, and also offered a comfortable, friendly environment for our clients to enjoy while visiting with us.

That’s why we chose to offer iCan services within select Sears locations throughout South Florida! By visiting us at Sears, you can come to sit down with one of our licensed agents and discuss one or all of your insurance options. Since we offer a variety of insurance products, such as health, vision, dental, homeowners, & auto, we can help you SAVE BIG when it comes to both time and money! In addition to insurance products, we also offer prescription savings benefits, legal services, and other lifestyle improvement benefits.

Whether you prefer to give us a call or come to visit us, remember… WE EXIST FOR YOU! We want to help YOU get the coverage you need, save YOU time and money, and keep the entire process simple so you can enjoy the things you are working hard to protect!

Take a look at one of the reviews from a client who visited us at one of our Sears locations!

The Gardens Mall 

Phone: (800) 425-3820

The Boynton Beach Mall

Phone: (800) 425-3820

The Coral Square Mall

Phone: (800) 425-3820

The Pompano Citi Centre

Phone: (800) 425-3818

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