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Individual Health Insurance

Individual Healthcare insurance provides for individuals who need to visit a doctor, clinic, or emergency room. It can help cover the costs of prescriptions. Almost anyone can benefit from purchasing individual health insurance plans.

Family Health Insurance

Selecting the right health insurance for your family is an important and often times complex decision. iCan is here for you and your family to determine which plan is best for your needs and budget. We can also help guide you in learning if you may qualify for income-based programs that offer low or no cost premiums.

Short-Term Coverage

Short Term insurance is available for people who fall into a gap in coverage. There are a few situations that can lead to this, for example, you are unable to apply for Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage because you missed Open Enrollment and you don't qualify for Special Enrollment, you are waiting for your coverage to start, you are 26 years of age and are losing coverage under your parent's plan, or you are looking for coverage until you can receive Medicare coverage.

Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness is not something that we imagine happening to us. While we cannot prevent a critical illness from occurring, we can help to protect ourselves and our families in case we are affected. Critical Illness coverage is designed to provide a lump-sum cash benefit to help cover expenses associated with a qualifying serious illness. While a primary health insurance plan may cover some of the costs associated with the care and treatments involved, a critical illness plan will help with other challenges such as paying everyday living expenses while out of work.

Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance offers coverage or discounts for preventative eye exams, glasses, contacts, and unexpected visits to the eye doctor for a variety of eye-related illnesses or injuries. Some coverage may also even offer coverage or discounts on laser eye surgeries and more.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance offers coverage for a variety of dental care issues and most importantly helps you to get affordable access to preventive care and treatment. Individuals who do not have dental insurance are typically less likely to get routine dental care and often times end up at the dentist when they have come across a major issue. Unfortunately, this usually means the treatment is more extensive and certainly more expensive.

Life Insurance

It's not something we want to think about, but it is vital to consider the facts… would your family be financially secure in the event of your death? With life insurance coverage, you can rest assured knowing that in one life's toughest times, money troubles are not an added burden.

Accident Insurance

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you were involved in an accident? Accidents happen each and every day. Wonder if you were involved in an accident that left you with a stack of bills, even outside of what was paid by a health insurance plan? That is where Accident Insurance plays its role. In the event you were in this situation, your Accident Insurance plan would pay you a cash benefit for qualifying accidental injuries.

Auto Insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, two things matter the most – getting the coverage you need to be compliant and how much it is going to cost you. Of course, whichever company you decide to go with should also be a reputable and trustworthy company. With iCan, our team will closely work with you to ensure you have all of the above.

Homeowners Insurance

They say that home is where the heart is… that is because this is where the things that mean the most to us live – our family and our memories. Being that your house is also one of your most expensive investments, it is wise to ensure that you are covered and protected with a policy that is going to help you in the event of an unfortunate event.

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