Insurance Checkup!

While you are safe at home, spend a bit of time doing an insurance checkup! With the unprecedented time we are going through, your situation may have changed in regard to employment, housing, etc., and this may impact your insurance coverage. We can help!

When it comes to choosing insurance there are many options, which can be confusing. Our expert team of licensed agents is here for you; we are dedicated to simplifying a complex market. We offer a variety of insurance plans and products to get you and your family covered. We research and understand who’s out there, who’s good, and more importantly, who’s not. We also understand that insurance can be expensive, which is why we have partnered with various carriers and benefit providers to give you a broad set of choices for affordable medical coverage.

Big insurance brands are everywhere… on your T.V., your radio, in your social media feed, and on billboards! Their funny commercials and catchy slogans have you saying their names as you are already a customer. Many insurance companies make it quick and simple to jump on their website, fill out your information, get your quote, and proceed to purchase your new insurance policy – without even picking up the phone! Within a short time, you are covered and ready to move on with your day, sounds great, right? Well, if you are solely concerned with limiting the initial time invested into getting your quote, then sure, it’s great! However, the majority of wise consumers are mainly concerned with how much they will be paying. Wonder if we told you that with a little more time upfront, you could save time + money in the long run? Well, you can – with iCan!

iCan is solely focused on your unique needs, so we can help with comparison-shopping, honing in on the best prices for the coverage you need. As we learn more about you and exactly what you are looking for, we can even advise you on how to best bundle or customize your policies. The awesomeness does not end there either! By allowing us to help you shop, purchase, and manage your insurance policies, you save time, energy, and money because you only have one contact to go-to for all of your policies!

With iCan as your Single Insurance Advisor, you can eliminate the headache of having multiple companies to work with & feel at ease that you are covered with insurance plans that best work for you & your family!

Simplify the process of insurance coverage by allowing iCan to help you with a variety of insurance products.