Keeping those Resolutions!

As we enter a new year, you have probably made yourself a list of resolutions or goals to achieve throughout the year. Some people have opted for choosing one word to focus on for the year such as discipline or simplify. Whether you chose a word or made a list of resolutions, the overall purpose is to improve your life – be better than you were last year, right? I mean typically, no one says they want to eat as much junk as possible or spend money on whatever they feel like it whether they go in debt or not. With a common goal to be a better version of yourself, we want to team up with you this year for a few tips and tricks on achieving success on your 2019 goals!

Step 1: Start simple!

Make sure your goals are achievable. Setting too high of goals makes will make it difficult for you to succeed. For example, if your goal is to be healthy, don’t start out by cutting all desserts and committing to hitting the gym 5-days per week – chances are… you will just be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, try swapping out unhealthy desserts for healthier options such as yogurt with berries or dark chocolate covered almonds, and commit to light daily excercise such as walking for 20-minutes per day.

Step 2: Be kind to yourself!

If you slip up one day and mess up, it’s not the end! Beating yourself up if you mess up will only lead you down the path to failure. Instead, acknowledge what went wrong, evaluate any “triggers” that led you to veer off course, and then re-commit yourself.

Step 3: One thing at a time!

One of the most common components in not succeeding with new year’s resolutions is that everyone wants to change everything at once. We all want to be healthy, spend money wiser, save money, learn a new skill, etc. The thing is… the “negative” behaviors we want to change or improve developed over time – meaning they will take time to eliminate or replace. Reassessing everything in your life and creating a plan to be the new and improved you in just one year is overwhelming! Instead, work toward changing one thing at a time.

In conclusion, the fact you want to better yourself is a great start and acknowledging the area in your life that needs improvement is vital. Remind yourself of these three simple steps each time you get frustrated on your journey this year, and if you feel like you already made unreasonable goals, go ahead and adjust them now. Not sure if your goals are unreasonable? Give a friend or family member a call and talk it out. Having an accountability partner or someone to share your struggles and successes with makes your journey to an improved lifestyle that much more attainable!

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