Life Insurance – Protection for those you love most…

According to a recent survey by financial services firm Edward Jones and nonprofit consumer-education organization “Life Happens,” 81 percent of Americans believe their family is their most valuable asset, but less than half (41 percent) are protecting their family with an individual life insurance policy.

While the statistics demonstrate that the majority of us agree that our families are our most valuable assets, it leaves one to wonder why we aren’t doing more to protect them? In that same study, a third of Americans say that life insurance is either a low priority or is not even on the list of priorities when starting a family. As a company dedicated to helping Americans get insurance coverage, we are determined to help change these statistics.

If cost is a major concern on why you aren’t protecting your family, our licensed agents will do their best to help match you to coverage that fits within your needs and budget. For example, on average a healthy 30-year-old can get a $250,000, 20-year level term life insurance policy for under $20 per month, or in translation, a few Starbucks drinks per month.

Maybe if you knew you could afford life insurance, you would have it, but getting covered is just too much to grasp. iCan is here to simplify and explain the complexity that can be involved with understanding these types of insurance products. We will break down the policy into terms you understand. We also don’t disappear once your coverage begins! We are still here for you to help you manage your policy and answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

We get that life insurance may not be a topic of conversation that you want to have, but protecting your loved ones is essential. Life insurance can really help loved ones who not only face grief but also have to deal with unexpected financial issues & funeral costs. You may not realize it, but life insurance can ultimately impact the trajectory of your loved one’s lives in the event of a tragedy.

Life insurance can aide your family with:

  • lost income
  • funeral costs
  • education costs
  • retirement income
  • basic living costs
  • other unexpected expenses

Don’t wait another day. Start protecting your family now. Speak with a licensed agent today by calling (800) 601-0543.


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