The Valentine Blues

Valentine’s Day a.k.a. the day of love is celebrated annually on February 14th. Each year people exchange cards, candy, gifts, and flowers with their special someone. Over time, Valentine’s Day has grown bigger and bigger as retailers of all kinds are eager to capitalize on the day. Nearly every store you walk into is full of love-themed items ranging from heart-shaped foods to candy and thousands of cards with poems and quotes about love! Even for the biggest “love birds”, this all can be a little overwhelming… wondering what to get, who to buy for, and really thinking deep about true love, emotions, and feelings!

Valentine’s Day is especially hard for those not in a relationship yet, those who lost their loved one, or may have recently ended a meaningful relationship. This day that was designed to be filled with love is instead one of the hardest days to make it through. We want you to know you are not alone! In fact, there are probably more people than you imagine experiencing feelings of sadness, depression, and anxiety during the month of February. In this blog post, we are sharing some “V-Day survival tips” to help you or other’s around you make it through this “season of love”.

  • Come to terms with the fact that you are single and that is ok! If this is a new experience for you, maybe some grieving is in order. Focus on a way to let go and recognize that your life is not over and, while you may not be involved in a romantic relationship, there are people out there that do love you… you are NOT alone! Spend a little time acknowledging your “singleness” and then find ways to concentrate on the positives in your other relationships.
  • Love yourself. When sad or negative thoughts and feelings enter your head or heart, acknowledge them and then replace them with loving and positive thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life. Try writing down your negative thoughts and then replacing them with a positive thought.
  • Treat yourself. You deserve it. Be a good valentine to yourself and think about what you would most like to do or have! Is there something you have really been wanting? Maybe now is the time to gift it to yourself! Plan some time to make the day special for you and for others around you. For example, have a nice lunch or dinner eating your favorite foods. If you are working, do something special for someone else; who knows they may in a similar situation.
  • Plan a gathering. Invite other single friends over for a party. Get some themed napkins, plates, etc.; embrace and enjoy spending your time with others.
  • Do something new. Either on your own or invite a friend to experience something new. Maybe you sign-up to take a paint or pottery class? This can be a great way to build confidence and move forward into the next season of your life.
  • Do something for someone else. Offer to babysit or “uber” for friends or family, bake something for your neighbors, send flowers to a nursing home.

Romantic relationships do not define a person. We each define ourselves. Not celebrating Valentine’s Day in a relationship with someone does not make anyone less of a person. There are so many other parts of each of us that define who we are. Remind yourself of your accomplishments, the others who love you, and know that there are always people in your life who couldn’t bear the thought of you not being there.

If you’re worried about yourself, a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States. Call 1-800-273-8255 or chat now by clicking here.

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