What is Open Enrollment?

It’s that time of the year you start hearing the terms “Open Enrollment”. Many people still aren’t exactly sure what Open Enrollment means to them, or if there is any action that needs to be taken on their part. We understand that the insurance industry can be quite complex,,, and that’s why our goal is to simplify a complex market. We want you to feel confident in your insurance coverages and also have a “friend” to go to for all of your insurance needs, questions, or concerns. This is why we exist!

Realizing that explaining Open Enrollment might be a little boring for most people, we have created this brief video to help explain Open Enrollment. We encourage you to take a couple of minutes to watch and see why Open Enrollment is important to you and your family. Remember, if you do not enroll in an insurance plan during this time frame (for this year – November 1, 2018, to December 15, 2018, with plans beginning January 1, 2019) you may not be able to get coverage until next Open Enrollment around the fall of 2019. Also, if you are currently enrolled in an insurance plan, you still may need to take action. Some plans are not going to be available in 2019, so now is the time to select a new plan. Moreover, it is always a good idea to review your current health insurance coverage with your agent to determine if your needs have changed or if there is a new plan that offers better coverage and pricing that you could switch to.

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